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Brain-Friendly Instructional Strategies: How Students Learn Best

The brain seeks information and retains content taught in a positive environment where students learn by moving and interacting with each other. Make your 

Cooperative Learning

Do your students shy away from group work or group projects? Does group work lack equal participation and individual accountability resulting in a group

Culturally Responsive Pedagogy 

Prepare to better meet the academic needs of your students as this workshop examines teaching and learning strategies, concepts,

Grading Practices that Impact Student Success 

This interactive workshop examines 10 grading practices that faculty often use to assess student achievement, but can hinder student success. Participants will be

The Layered Curriculum

The Layered Curriculum is an innovation in assessment, giving students voice and choice in how they demonstrate mastery of content. It is a three-layer model of differentiated instruction

Minimizing Incivilities in the Classroom

It seems that classroom courtesy at the college level is on the decline, oftentimes changing the mood or dynamics of the collegiate setting and disrupting

Structuring Your Classrooom for Activite Learning

Recent shifts higher education pedagogy has sparked an increased interest in and the adoption of active learning. Active learning emphasizes student discussions, questions and ...

The Motivational Syllabus  

Instructors are often taught that the syllabus is a contract, but is it? The motivational syllabus, created by Christine Harrington—co-author of Designing a Motivational Syllabus-- is designed to stimulate

Planning and Facilitating Engaging Lectures and Discussions  

The lecture gets a bad rap as a passive form of instruction whether teaching in the online or face-to-face. Yet, when delivered effectively, it can be a pedogeological 

Growth Mindset 

Students with a “growth mindset" persist in the face of setbacks. They are resilient. The result: higher achievement, greater optimism, and greater life success. The good news:

Developing Self-Directed Learners  

As traditional classroom settings evolve, faculty members are challenged to teach their face-to-face classes in a Blended or Hybrid format and  …

Stop, Start, Continue: Pivoting Your Course For Student Success  

You are half-way through the semester, and you might think that it is too late to press the restart button on achieving student learning outcomes

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