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The Motivational Syllabus  

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Instructors are often taught that the syllabus is a contract, but is it? The motivational syllabus, created by Christine Harrington—co-author of Designing a Motivational Syllabus-- is designed to stimulate student engagement, enthusiasm and motivation in learning the course material. Central to the motivational syllabus is a welcoming tone by the professor, demonstrating how the course is connected to the students’ academic and professional lives, and provide students with the resources they will need throughout the course to be successful. This online session is hands-on and will provide participants with strategies for creating a more student-friendly syllabus that fosters student engagement, accountability and curiosity as well as positive interactions between the instructor and the student. Participants are asked to have their syllabus available during the workshop. (1.5 -3.0 hours) 

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