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The Layered Curriculum 

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The Layered Curriculum is an innovation in assessment, giving students voice and choice in how they demonstrate mastery of content. It is a three-layer model of differentiated instruction that fosters complex thinking and holds students with varied learning styles accountable for their own learning. 

Instead of focusing on one type of activity that is assigned to everyone, the Layered Curriculum matches students with activities that best fit their learning needs. Each layer offers a group of assignments representing a different depth of study and using a variety of skills. The C layer covers the basic course content, the B layer challenges students to apply concepts learned in the C layer, and the A layer requires students to use higher order thinking skills as they integrate knowledge from the C and B layers. Participants in this hands-on workshop will begin the journey to making a curricular design where learning is more meaningful for students. (1.5 -3.0 hours) 

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